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Large medical office have phone systems that can password protect a voice mailbox for physicians so patients may leave messages with confidential health information. Small offices have a dilemma

Phone books are becoming a thing of the past. They are being replaced by online directories and local business listing web sites. So, is it still important to have your phone company list your business phone number? And does every phone company list your phone number?

Have you ever heard of receiving voicemail via email? Technology offers some amazing advantages to business owners today, and one of them is giving business owners the option to listen to voice messages through your computer. This allows you to archive, delete, or forward messages with a quick click of the mouse.

We have a new client whose phone service provider is Suddenlink. She needed calls to be answered if her line was busy or she did not answer after 4 rings. In order for our Virtual Receptionist to go live the client had to add change the Basic Call Forwarding to No Answer Call Forward with Suddenlink.

We just finished a Virtual Receptionist system for a real estate team of three women that are specialists in short sales. They needed one central phone number to advertise on their brochures, website, cards and property signs. The number had to give caller the options to reach each of them and rings their cell phone or get information about their business (office location, website, fax number etc.).

Small and medium sized businesses need to have the most efficient operation possible with regard to their phones. Here are 10 reasons why the small office needs to have a Virtual Receptionist.


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