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Don't Make Your Customer Hang up!

Many small businesses have voice mail greetings that give the caller another number to hang up and redial, don't make this mistake.

I spent the evening at a networking event and chatted with a plumber who is loosing business. He knows that potential customers call in the evening but they hang up and don't call him. His office voice mail gives the caller his cell phone number but seldom do people hang up and redial. And if he forwards his office phone to his cell he gets all of the calls, not just the urgent calls.

This is a common problem for small businesses that take urgent after hours calls. If you make your caller hang up and redial they will go to the next person in Google. The solution is a Virtual Receptionist that gives the caller the options they need and with the press of ONE button they are connected with the on call staff person. If the call is not urgent then they can leave a message to be returned the next business day. If it's urgent they don't have to try to write the number down, hang up then redial the number.

Give your caller the options they want at the time they need them, to leave a message or reach someone in person. The Virtual Receptionist does exactly that.

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