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Your Business Voice Messages Delivered to Your Email

Hear the message on your computer. Respond to your customer quickly with immediate notification.

Listen to your voice mail on your computer

All of our systems come with at least one Voice Mailbox. Callers may leave messages which are then sent to your email as a WAV, WMA, MP3 or as an encrypted ZIP folder attachments. To hear your message simply double click the attachment and your computer will open your audio player and play the message.

Having the message in your email allows you to save the message for as long as you need. You may also forward the message to others.

Voice Mail notificationNotifications

Our notification system has many options. After a caller leaves a message the system can:

  • Send an email with the message attached or without, just as a notification
  • Send a cell phone a SMS text message that has the time and caller information
  • Have a ring before the greeting when you call in if there are no messages

Customize and Personalize

Your voice mailbox will be programmed for you. We write the scripts and you edit them as you like. Once the scripts are approved we record the greetings in a male or female voice. Then you'll be able to try it out before it goes live. Of course you're welcome to record your own voice over our voices to personalize your outgoing message.

Urgent DeliveryUrgent Messages

Your callers, if you choose may "tag" the message as URGENT. An urgent message will be flagged in your email as High Importance. Your notifications can be setup to alert you to urgent messages differently than normal messages.


Your voice messages can be encrypted and password protected before being emailed. If you are in the medical field and need to comply with HIPAA regulations or if your callers leave personal health information on your voice messages our system can encrypt the message for security.

Single Greeting

Single Greeting

Our basic voice messaging service. One greeting that plays 24/7.

Single Greeting

Multi Greeting

Multi Greeting Voice Mail

Up to 12 different greetings that play on a schedule or via menu.

Multi Greeting Voice Mail

Voice Form

Voice Form

Allows caller to answer multiple questions one at a time.

Voice Form

What's Your Profession?

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