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Policy Statement

Answer Idaho LLC DBA All Call Technologies.

All Call Technologies respects your right to personal privacy and will never sell, share or otherwise distribute any personal information we receive via email, website, phone or other media to other parties or any non-affiliated companies.

Delivery of Messages:
Voice messages and faxes are sent using the public Internet, every effort is made to ensure delivery of your messages however All Call Technologies can not guarantee messages will not be blocked, delayed or routed to spam folders by your Internet service provider, firewalls, spam or virus filters.

Porting of Numbers:
All Call Technologies purchases phone numbers to allow clients access to our service. Porting of numbers to another service is allowed only after the number has been in service with All Call Technologies for one year or more. Numbers that are ported into All Call Technologies may be ported to another service at any time.The client is responsible for any fees or charges incurred related to porting. All Call Technologies is not notified when a port out is executed, it is the client responsibility to notify All Call Technologies Customer Service to have billing changed to reflect the service change.

Payments are due on the 1st of the month. Late charges will be assessed on the 6th if payment has not been received. Service will be interrupted on the 15th if the account is not current. NSF checks will be assessed a $35 return check fee.

Per Minute Services:
All services include a base number of minutes. Any minutes used over that amount will be added to your next invoice.

Unlimited Minute Services:
Unlimited minutes are not available in all areas. Unlimited plans are for reasonable use in office environments and is not intended for call center, auto dialing systems, phone solicitation or other heavy use operations. If installed in such environments All Call Technologies reserves the right to limit usage to 4000 minutes or will terminate service. Unlimited minute plans are two paths only. For multiple concurrent call paths ask your account representative about pricing and availability.

Calls to Alaska:
Calls to numbers in Alaska are considered Long Distance/Internatioinal and will be billed to the client at $0.499 per minute.

Collect and 411 Information Calls:
You are responsible for any charges incurred from accepting a collect call or dialing 411 information plus a $5.00 per call administration fee.

Termination of Service:
We require a 30 day written notification for cancellation of service, emails are acceptable. You will be responsible for making any changes with your dial tone provider to remove forwarding or adding voice mail.

Third Party Services:
Any “Third Party Services” billed to your All Call Technologies number will be cancelled and a service fee of $20.00 in addition to any charges incurred will be added to your account.