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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions we are asked most often about a Virtual Phone Service.
If you have a question that is not here please call or email us!

What is a Virtual Receptionist?
A Virtual Receptionist (also known as an Auto Attendant, Backup Attendant, PBX, and other names) will answer calls, take voice messages and route calls to phones. The variations are:
  • Auto Attendant - Callers hear the greeting from the Virtual Receptionist as soon as they call your business.
  • Backup Attendant - Callers hear the Virtual Receptionist only if the business lines are busy or not answered after a few rings.
  • PBX - Can be an Auto Attendant or Backup Attendant but is usually referred to with internal equipment based systems.
What are the advantages to having a Virtual Phone system?
  • Cost Savings: Box phone systems are expensive and will not have the features of a virtual system unless you spend many thousands of dollars.
  • Call Handling Volume: Our system handles hundreds of calls per minute.
  • Virtual Systems Free-up Office Lines when transferring calls to cell phones or voice mail.
  • Scalability: Expansion of a box phone system is expensive and requires a service call from a technician. Virtual system changes only require a call or email to customer service.
  • Upgrades: You will have the latest technology as our system is upgraded in the future.
How do I set it up?
You don't have to! Our services include all of the setup. We will record all of the greetings, program the system to your specifications and contact your phone service provider if necessary to make arrangements for the forwarding to make your system live.
What if I already have a "Box" phone system?
Add features to your system without replacing or expanding the box.
Features like:
  • Virtual receptionist
  • Live Transfer to voice mail
  • Voice mail that is delivered to your email
  • After hours call management can enable callers to reach intended party without having to "hang-up and redial." This feature is particularly important for technical support, help lines or after hours property management issues.
  • Spell-by-name directories for larger companies allow callers to reach intended parties efficiently.
  • On-call rotation gives everyone on the staff an equal chance at fielding a sales call.
Why is this better than a box phone system in my office?
When all of your phone lines are busy your callers can not leave a message or reach your cell phone. And, internal phone systems require two lines to transfer a call to an outside line like your cell phone. Both lines are tied up for the entire length of the call. Our Virtual Receptionist can take messages when all of your lines are busy and can route calls to your cell phone without tying up any lines in the office.
How do I run the system?
You don't need to, we manage the system for you. If you have changes just send us a note or call with your requests. If you have daily, weekly or monthly changes you have access to our web portal to make changes as you need. Since all of our systems are customized for each of our clients we will walk you through (via phone) the use of the portal to make changes.
Do I have to change my phone number?
No. We will setup the forwarding necessary (or assist you in forwarding if you have a cable phone company) to make the system live with your existing phone number and phone company.
Do I have to buy new equipment?
No. There is no equipment to buy, install or maintain.
Do I have to get new software?
Most computers are already loaded with Adobe® Reader software for faxes and some type of media player for the voice messages.
Can I get a local phone number?
Yes. Your business can have new permanent numbers for voice and fax.
Can I use an 800 number?
Is this a VoIP service?
Yes and no. We do not provide "dial tone" for VoIP telephones. We do use VoIP for interconnect between our server and our 48 state service area.
Will your service work with VoIP?
Yes. Some services may require extra programming and testing.
How do I get my messages?
All voice messages are accessible from:
  • Anywhere you can pick up your email
  • Any phone 24/7
  • All Call Technologies (Answer Idaho) web portal 24/7
How long will you store my voice messages on the your server?
  • Voice Messages Un-played: 168 hours
  • Voice Messages Played: 24 hours
More time is available upon request. Clients may store their voice messages on their own computer as long as they'd like.
Do I still have to have local phone service?
We do not supply business or residential "dial tone", you would still use your preferred service provider if you need land line or cell phone service.
What about porting numbers?
Your existing number may be ported into our service (in most areas) and may be ported back out at the client request.
Are there any contracts to sign?
No. All services are on a month to month plan.

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