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Multi Greeting Voice Mail

Give your callers time accurate information with greetings that change automatically during the day.

No need to change phone equipment or telephone providers.

$30 per month*

Salon Multi Greeting Voice Mail

Our Multiple Greeting Voice Mail to Email will play up to twelve different outgoing greetings programmed on a schedule. Have greetings for morning, afternoon, after hours, holidays and other special times. Give your caller specific time accurate information like your business hours, web address, fax number.

Customized for your business:

  • Give your caller information during business hours and assure them that their call will be returned in a timely manner
  • After hours and weekends give your caller your hours of operation and emergency contact info
  • Major holidays will automatically play your custom greeting with appropriate info

How it works:

  • You give us some information about your business and the information your callers will want days, nights, weekends and holidays
  • We program a system and record your outgoing greetings to play automatically, giving your callers time appropriate information
  • We contact your dial tone provider and setup the call forwarding

Web Portal:
Our web portal is your access to make changes to your system 24/7. Using the web portal you can:

  • Change the email addresses where your messages are sent
  • Download and listen to your messages
  • Delete messages or mark them as "played"
  • Change your notifications
  • Generate a call activity report which includes all call data for 90 days
  • Change your password

One time activation fee of $45 will be included with first invoice.

What's Your Profession?

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