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Entrepreneur Phone System

For individuals who need a central business number to ring their phone and a business voice mailbox to return calls and show their business number when calling clients.

No equipment to buy, install or maintain. No need to change phone equipment.

$40 per month*

Entrepreneur Phone System

Businessman on cell phoneThe entrepreneur phone system is a virtual phone system for individual entrepreneurs who work from their cell phones. This system includes a local phone number to advertise as your office number. Calls can route to your cell phone immediately or your caller can hear a greeting and have options to reach you, leave a message or hear information about your business (address, fax number, website, etc).

Make outbound calls from your system to show your business caller ID. Return calls from your voice mailbox with one button.

Outgoing greetings and programming will change through the day so you may have callers reach you during your business hours but after hours your calls go to voice mail.

Receive SMS text notification when a message is taken so you can respond quickly.


The Entrepreneur Phone System includes:

  • Local phone number or bring your own*
  • Virtual receptionist with multi option menu
  • Multiple greetings for time appropriate play (Day, After hours and Holidays)
  • Informational greetings play from menu selection (Hours, web address, directions, etc)
  • Call routing to office, cell or home phones
  • Music on hold as caller is transferred
  • Call Screen (record callers name to play to subscriber) OR Call Announce (notify subscriber that this call is a business call)
  • Follow Me to route calls through up to six different numbers before going to voice mail
  • General voice mailbox
  • Voice messages are delivered to up to three email addresses at once
  • Voice messages are delivered as WAV, WMA or MP3 audio attachments
  • Notifications can be sent when a message is received (Sent as SMS to cell phone, call any phone for voice delivery or cascade notifications)


  • Additional personal voice mailboxes $10 per month/$10 activation
  • Add receptionist module $10 per month/$10 activation

* Activation & Minutes:

A one time activation fee of $55 is added to the first invoice. Bring your own number add $25 port fee to setup.

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