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Voice Form

Insures Your Caller Answers Multiple Questions In One Message

Let your callers answer a series of questions in sequence then your message has the responses assembled into one voice mail message.

$20 plus $5 for each additional question
per month*

Prescription Refill using Voice Form

Do you ask your caller to leave answers to multiple questions? Do they forget to answer them all? A Voice Form message will insure the caller answers all of your questions then combines the answers into one voice mail message.

Use Voice Form for

  • Prescription refills
  • Student absence reporting
  • Prospective employee screening processes
  • Report service outages

What's it sound like?
We have an operating system setup for you to call right now and find out. Dial 208-685-2814 to hear a Voice Form for a prospective employee screen.

Included features:

  • Unlimited voice messages
  • Messages sent to up to three different email addresses simultaneously
  • Messages sent in WAV, WMA or MP3 audio attachments
  • Notification for all messages or only messages marked "Urgent"
  • SMS notification to your cell phone including your callers Caller ID
  • Retrieve your messages via phone or the Internet
  • Outgoing greeting in male or female voice
  • 24/7 access to our web portal
  • 2000 minutes access time per month (4.9¢ per minute after)
5 Question Voice Form $80* per month!

How it works:

We supply a local telephone number that you forward calls to or advertise as you need. We work with you to write scripts then we record the scripts and program the Voice Form.

* Activation:

There is a $100 initial setup fee. After initial setup any re-recording of questions will be $20.


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