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10 Reasons Why Small and Medium Sized Offices Need a Virtual Receptionist

Using a Virtual Receptionist in a small or medium sized office makes good business sense, here are 10 reasons why.

Small and medium sized businesses need to have the most efficient operation possible with regard to their phones. Here are 10 reasons why the small office needs to have a Virtual Receptionist.

  1. Your phone lines are never busy – calls are forwarded to your Virtual Receptionist when your lines are busy or not answered so your caller NEVER gets a busy signal
  2. Your caller can always leave a message – with an external Virtual Receptionist (External to your office phone system) your caller will always be able to leave a voice message unlike with traditional phone systems where if your lines are all busy the caller can not leave a message
  3. Your caller can have options – your Virtual Receptionist can have options for the caller to leave a message for the person or department they were calling for, they can hear business information (hours, directions, web address), or be forwarded to another phone (billing office, another location, a support line, cell phone, etc.)
  4. Consistent professional impression – your outgoing greetings will give your customer the impression of a professional business (even if there’s only one of you) every time they call
  5. Callers are never hung up on – there is nothing more frustrating than calling a business and being hung up on, a Virtual Receptionist will not hang up on a caller
  6. Callers are never put on hold – a Virtual Receptionist answers calls on the first ring and takes care of the caller at that time
  7. Expands call capacity – a Virtual Receptionist can handle many more concurrent calls than many small offices
  8. Answers frequently asked questions – options on your virtual receptionist can give your caller information about your business that they are calling for without tying up your staff or phone lines
  9. Unlimited customization flexibility – a Virtual Receptionist can be customized to your specific business needs with voice mail and call routing without changing your existing equipment or phone company (in most cases)
  10. It’s less expensive – a Virtual Receptionist will not cost as much as an equivalent upgrade to an internal phone system in initial cost, monthly services (adding enough phone lines for call transfers can be the most expensive item), insurance, maintenance and staff training


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