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I was chatting with a small business owner at a chamber mixer last week and she asked "How do I get listed on Google Places?" I suggested that she get a virtual business telephone number from All Call Technologies and have it listed. Listing her telephone number would get her business added to Google Places, Yahoo Local, Merchant Circle,,, and many others.

Is your Qwest bill too high? Look on the last pages and see if you have any charges from other companies. You may be getting billed for services from a third party that you may not have signed up for.

Small business phone systems quite often fall short when handling calls after a business is closed. They do not give the caller options to efficiently resolve the issue they are calling for. For some offices a simple voicemail will suffice for most of the calls. The caller can hear the office hours and leave a general voice message that someone will check in the morning.

The generic voice mail outgoing greeting is just that, generic. Is your business generic? No? Your business is unique and special. Why would someone want to become your customer when they get your voice mail and it's not identifying your business? It's all about your business image!

It's done! Qwest and Centurylink (CenturyTel) have cleared the hurdles to merge the two telecom's into the third largest telecom in the US. The combined companies now stretch into 37 states.

 I spent the evening at a networking event and chatted with a plumber who is loosing business. He knows that potential customers call in the evening but they hang up and don't call him. His office voice mail gives the caller his cell phone number but seldom do people hang up and redial...


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