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Setup Your Voice Mail Outgoing Greeting, It's All About Image!

Generic voice mail greetings are just that, GENERIC. Use your voice mail outgoing greeting to give your customers the image your business needs.

The generic voice mail outgoing greeting is just that, generic. Is your business generic? No? Your business is unique and special. Why would someone want to become your customer when they get your voice mail and it's not identifying your business? It's all about your business image!

I called a spa last week to make an appointment for services that evening. They did not answer so I got their voice mail. It said "No one is available to take your call please leave a message." How rude! I wondered if I had dialed correctly, so I hung up and dialed again. Yup, that was it. I chose another spa to take my wife for a massage.

For years I have urged business owners to call their business periodically and find out what a customer would hear if they did not answer. If there is a menu try pressing all of the options. Try pressing zero even if that's not an option (I do when I can't get the person I'm looking for).

The outgoing greeting should at minimum identify the business. If the business is a person, like a realtor then identify your cell phone voice mail with your name.

It's all about your business image!

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