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Is Your Qwest Bill Too High? Check for 3rd Party Charges

You may be paying for a subscription that you have not signed up for.

Is your Qwest bill too high? Look on the last pages and see if you have any charges from other companies. You may be getting billed for services from a third party that you may not have signed up for.

Qwest has a service for businesses that will allow the business to add their 3rd party charges to your phone bill. I've been hit a few times on my bill (but I keep several hundred phone numbers in stock). The first time I was billed for 3rd party services it was a company that supplies long distance phone service to inmates of correctional institutions. Obviously one of their inmates was not being corrected!

What happened is that the inmate subscribed to the service using a random number they made up. That number just happened to be on of my numbers. I called Qwest to find out what these charges were for and they explained that I had to speak with the originating service. I did and they refunded the charges but it was a subscription that could have gone on for a long time.

Recently I had another subscription added to my bill which was caught before we paid the bill. This was $49 per month for a "Green Business" listing service. The number that was used was one of my clients. I spoke with her and she had never heard of this. We cancelled the "Green Business" listing service.

Take a look at your bill every month and make sure you're not paying for something you have not signed up for!

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