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Using an Employee Screen Virtual Voice Mail to Advertise for New Positions

Keep your main phone number from being flooded with calls for the position and pre-screen applicants.

Are you looking for a new employee? I have a couple of friends who are Action Coaches and they have their clients setup an Employee Screen Voice Mail number to advertise. This streamlines the initial process of contact and keeps your office from getting flooded with calls.

What we do is setup a Virtual Voice Mail phone number that the business advertises for inquiries about the position. Using a Virtual Phone number allows the business to keep applicant calls from going to their main business number. The number can be temporary or permanent with changing greetings for the positions in the business.

The outgoing greeting has three to six questions for the applicant to answer on their voice message. Of course they are instructed to leave their name and phone number then they must answer questions like:

  • What makes you get up in the morning and want to go to work?
  • What about the ad prompted you to call?
  • Briefly describe a tense situation that you have handled in your work past.

The questions vary with the type of position and for the complete description and purpose ask my Action Coach Friends Ormond Rankin, Roger Hawk and Ed Renna.

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