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Articles about business phone systems, services and updates on new features.


Qwest and Centurylink (CenturyTel) ink a deal for merging the two telecom giants into one mega corporation. Qwest serves 13 western states and Centurylink serves 31 states. As Qwest agents Answer Idaho LLC (All Call Technologies) is excited for the new business opportunities and new options for our subscribers...

How many calls am I missing? Every business owner wonders if they are missing opportunities because they miss a call and the customer did not leave a message. Our latest system upgrade added Call Hangup Notification for our voice mail to email service...

We just finished setting up a Call Rotation for a company that has 6 salespeople working on their cell phones. They have had problems making it equitable for all of the staff to get new business from their advertising.

I spoke with a business owner today that has been advertising a Google Voice phone number as his business number for a while. He was disappointed to learn that Google does not allow anyone to port their phone number to another service.

 I have been answering questions on about small office phone systems. Primarily the AT&T and Panasonic 4 line phones. One of the most common issues is integrating the phone with a DSL (Digital Subscriber Line). The phone usually has an intercom problem or lit line when the line is hung up.

The Problem: You have your business calls coming to your mobile phone, and when a call comes in you don't know if it's a client or friend. The Solutions: Call Screen, Call Whisper or Call Announce are powerful features that alert you to a business call before you are connected...


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