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4 Line Phones Rule the Small Office

4 line phone systems are the workhorse for small business communications. Inexpensive, simple and reliable phones are in thoushands of offices around the country.

The 4 line phone is the workhorse for small offices around the country. This phone is inexpensive, has basic features and reliable. Small offices all over the country use these phones as the simple PBX (Personal Business eXchange) they need to run their business efficiently and inexpensively.

I have recomended the AT&T and Panasonic 4 line phones to clients for many years. They are great phones when there are only a few lines (No more than 6 is my recomendation) and only a few phones (No more than 6 here either). They are simple to install (Common RJ-11 jacks) using common wire. Simple to operate.

The primary benefit is that it can be operated by anyone. An office staff person does not have to call a technician to come out for a service call to make any changes to the phone. The savings can be huge over the lifetime of the equipment.

Couple the 4 line phone with our Virtual Receptionist and the system is more robust than an expensive internal phone system costing many thousands. One of the key features is the Flash button. This button (You must have the Call Transfer feature on your phone service) allows you to do a LIVE transfer to an outside line without using a second phone line. This is important since internal phone systems will use a second line to transfer a call. This ties up two lines for the entire time of the call. If the business only has 3 or 4 lines this may create a problem. For more on the Flash button see my Blog Get Your Flash Going.

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