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Virtual Phone Numbers for Your Sales Person

Staff person using personal cell phone for businessMany businesses have sales people out everyday making calls on their clients. Often the salesperson hand the client a card with his contact info on it. The contact phone numbers on the card should all be owned by the business! If the cell phone number on the card is the salesperson's personal cell number then the business owner has no control. If the salesperson leaves then the customers may call the cell phone they're used to calling and reach the salesperson at their new business.

Virtual phone numbers are the solution. Put a virtual phone number on your salespersons card as their cell phone number. Then if they leave your business has a better chance of staying with you. You have control by simply routing the virtual number to the main office or the next salesperson you hire.

Virtual numbers have many other benefits:

  • Call activity reports
  • Change the forwarding number on line
  • If the line is busy the call can roll to another number
  • Sales call rotation spread new business evenly to staff
  • Voice messages can be delivered to your business
  • Voice mail outgoing greeting will be your professional business greeting

Take control of you staff contact numbers by using a virtual phone number.

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