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Just Give Me Your Voice Mail! How Live Answering Services Fail

This is the story of a call to a medical office that has a live answering service. To leave a simple voice mail they need a Virtual Receptionist with an option for a live person.

I called a medical office a few days ago after a friend referred us to them. She said they need our help. I called and the phone rang 8 times then some music started and a voice came on saying "please hold, someone will be with you in a moment." This message repeated every 15 seconds for the next seven minutes. Then a person came on the line and said "please hold, I'll be with you in a minute" and she put me on hold again. Then after another minute and a half someone hung up on me. I called back, only to go through the same experience again (minus the getting hung up on) just to leave a message. Just give me your voice mail!

I was calling to chat with them about their answering service so I was patient and endured the being put on hold and hung up one, but I have to wonder how many clients they are loosing because their live answering service is so poor. I knew I would not be able to reach the person I was calling for but I did want to leave her a message and  after this experience I don't know if the message has been delivered.

I suggest for this office that they put an automated answering service (virtual receptionist)between their office and the live service. If someone just wants to leave a message the automated service can do that efficiently and without hanging up on the caller. This will save time and money. Give the caller the option to talk with a live person if they want but don't make them endure a long wait just to leave a voice mail.

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