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All Call Technologies has joined the American Apartment Owners Association (AAOA) as vendors of phone services. We are pleased to be members of AAOA and are excited to help owners and property managers with their phone services and consult on phone issues.

Many phone companies have basic call routers called Centrex. They are a very simplified PBX allowing their customers to have basic call routing to phones in an office without having an internal phone system. These Centrex services usually have a single recorded menu and have hard coded call routing to the phones in the office.

I called a medical office a few days ago after a friend referred us to them. She said they need our help. I called and the phone rang 8 times then some music started and a voice came on saying "please hold, someone will be with you in a moment." This message repeated every 15 seconds for the next seven minutes...

Many businesses have sales people out everyday making calls on their clients. Often the salesperson hand the client a card with his contact info on it. The contact phone numbers on the card should all be owned by the business! If the cell phone number on the card is the salesperson's personal cell...

Qwest has announced that they will be ending their wireless services on October 31st 2009. Customers have been given the oportunity to move to another carrier without penalty.

 When you setup your business phone services you may consider the receptionist at the front desk as a key component to the system. She (or he) will screen your calls giving you the option to take the call or not. In an automated phone system a Virtual Receptionist will screen your calls and give you the option of being connected or not in much the same way.


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