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Test and Measure Your Results When Advertising

What is your return on your advertising investment? Do you know how many calls your business received from a particular ad?

The idea of testing and measuring advertising is not a new concept. Marketing firms test different ads with slightly different content all the time to generate the most ROI for the client. Measuring results of different ads and different media has been challenging. Printed coupons are perhaps the most direct method of measuring the results of an ad. When a customer walks in with a piece of paper in hand this is a solid result from an ad.

How do you measure your other types of advertising? If your advertising is driving a telephone call then using a unique telephone number is the answer. Place a unique phone number in each ad form you would like to track then generate a call activity report for the results. This is another tool to measure the ROI for your advertising dollar. DEX and other yellow pages directories are now offering this service so they have the data to prove your call activity when it's renewal time.

All Call Technologies offers local phone numbers with call activity reporting for this purpose. Call Activity Reports may be generated 24/7 by loging into our web portal. Call data for the previous 90 days is available anytime the business owner needs.

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