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Multi Greeting Voice Mail Improves Customer Service

Give your customer information that they may be calling for on your voice mail greeting. Use a Multi Greeting Voice Mail system to make the greeting time accurate.

How many times have you called a business to ask if they are open? Or what their fax number is? Or when their UPS pickup will be? Then you hear "Please leave a message after the tone..." If this had been a customer calling your business they may just move on to the next number in the list. You may have lost a sale opportunity.

Using a time accurate Multiple Greeting Voice Mail system allows you to give your caller information they want at the time they are calling. Here are some suggestions:

  • After hours voice message should include your regular business hours, fax number and web address
  • Your day greetings should have the common frequently asked questions you answer during the day
  • You should have a generic holiday greeting that is programmed to play on holidays when you are closed

I called a Pak Mail store recently to find out when the last UPS pickup was. Unfortunately no one answered and I got their voice mail. It was the typical message, recorded on the fly by someone promising to return my call when they had time. Then the automated voice came on saying that there was no room left in the mailbox and to try my call again later. The impression I got was that they had no time to return calls. If they had a Multi Greeting Voice Mail system the I would have been given the time of the final UPS pickup and would know if I had tome to make it. I really did not want to leave a message and did not want someone to call me back, I had a simple question that could have been answered by an automated voice mail system.

Improve your customer service with a Multi Greeting Voice Mail system.

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