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Call Rotation/Call Distribution Spreads Calls Out Evenly to Staff Phones

Random calls to your sales staff can be distributed equally to everyone using a Call Rotation/Call Distribution system.

We just finished setting up a Call Rotation for a company that has 6 salespeople working on their cell phones. They have had problems making it equitable for all of the staff to get new business from their advertising. They've tried changing the number in an ad to one cell phone then handing the phone off from one person to the next. But one day a week was particularly busy and the person who had the phone that day would rake in the sales.

We setup a Call Rotation on an Ad Tracking phone number for them. They start advertising our phone number and our system will automatically keep track of who took the last call and send the new call to the next person on the list. It's not a hunt which starts at the first number each time, it's truly a rotation. Everyone gets the same number of calls. On busy days or slow days the system spreads the calls evenly.

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