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Call Rotation/Distribution

Spreads Your Calls Equally to Sales, Customer Service or IT Support Representatives.

Team Meeting

Give your sales staff an equal chance at new clientele!

Spread your customer support calls evenly to representatives!

Send calls to your staff cell phones, office phones or home phones equally for evenly distributed sales opportunity and shared workload for customer service or support staff. Advertise a local phone number and the prospect calls will be evenly distributed to all of your staff. Our Call Rotation will send calls to your staff cell phones, office phones or home phone.

Distribute calls for:

  • Sales staff on mobile phones
  • Customer service representatives working remotely
  • Real estate agents "floor time"

Calls are routed to any phone using our Call Announce feature

  • Alerts the staff member that this is a business call
  • Prevents the caller from hearing personal cell phone voice mail
  • Prevents the caller from leaving a business message on cell phone voice mail
  • Calls can be elevated to supervisor if staff does not take the call
  • Voice messages, if taken are delivered to email of staff and supervisor

Includes our Virtual Receptionist

  • Professional greetings for day, after hours and holidays
  • Voice Mail to Email for after hours and holidays
  • Unlimited extensions
  • Two or three digit extension direct dialing to staff
  • Call Activity Reporting via Web Portal

Calls answered on the first ring! Your caller is never put on hold or hung up on!

Call Rotation 2 person $60* per month!

$10 per month for each additional person! $10 each activation


  • Additional personal voice mailboxes $10 per month/$10 activation
  • Spell By Name Directories $10 per month/$20 activation (requires personal mailbox for each member of directory)

* Activation: A $85 setup/activation fee will be added to the first invoice.

What's Your Profession?

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