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Virtual Receptionist Spell-By-Name Directory

Access anyone quickly by spelling the first or last name from the keypad.

Team Standing Spell By Name Directory

Large or small your business can make a great impression with quick access to your staff using a Spell By Name Directory. If you caller has the first or last name of the staff person they need they will be able to reach them. Easy to use, your caller simply presses the first three letters of the individuals name and the system will respond with the matches it has.

Unlimited Extensions for your staff

Create a virtual business with total accessibility to staff members using 1, 2, or 3 digit extensions. Your staff can be working from any phone and it will be their extension on your business.

Requires an individual module/mailbox for each person in the directory.

What's Your Profession?

We work with many different professions, here are a few. Jump to the page of your profession to get ideas on how an All Call Technologies system might work for you.