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Caution Using Google Voice for Business

Porting your Google Voice number to another service is not allowed.

I spoke with a business owner today that has been advertising a Google Voice phone number as his business number for a while. He was disappointed to learn that Google does not allow anyone to port their phone number to another service.

Google, like many other private companies purchase telephone numbers for their customers to have access to their services. These other companies may be similar to Google and offer virtual phone services but not dial tone to a physical or VoIP phone. Because of this the FCC does not require them to allow the number to be ported. And because they offer the number and services for free there is no contract or obligation for porting. Google's policy statement states that Google "retains all right title and interest to the phone numbers used in conjunction with their service."

I suggest that any business owner stay away from Google Voice if you want to have control of your phone number. Acquire your number from All Call Technologies where you have control of your number. Then you have many other benefits beside the comfort of controlling the number. Our Virtual Receptionist call routing is a professional phone system designed for business.

To read Google's policy statement Click Here.

For information on the FCC regulations visit their website Click Here.

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