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HIPAA Compliant Voice Mail for Small Medical Offices

Sensitive voice messages are encrypted and password protected before being emailed for the utmost in security and compliance with HIPAA regulations.

Large medical office have phone systems that can password protect a voice mailbox for physicians so patients may leave messages with confidential health information. Small offices have a dilemma, they are required by law to to comply with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) but have never had the technology available in the past. Now even the smallest medical office can have confidential HIPAA compliant voice mail for their physicians and staff.

All Call Technologies can add to any of our clients voice mailboxes a feature that will encrypt and password protect the voice message before sending the message to the physician. The message arrives as a .ZIP file attachment to an email that contains the .WAV, .WMA or .MP3 audio file. The physician can then play the confidential message on the computer. The 256b encryption far surpasses the requirements for HIPAA.

Our Medical Office Answering Service includes HIPAA complaint voice mail to email.

If your patients leave personal health information on your voice mail, make sure you have safe guards to protect it.

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