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Medical Office Answering Service

Our automated answering service answers your calls immediately! Caller is never put on hold!

No equipment to buy, install or maintain. No need to change phone equipment or telephone providers.

Starting at $40 per month

Med Receptionist

Your phone is the "front door" to your business. You need to make a great impression every time you get a call. If your lines are busy or you can't answer the phone, what does your caller hear and what options do they have? With an All Call Technologies Medical Office Answering Service they hear a professional greeting, then have the options you control, to reach you at your current location, to leave you a message or hear information about your business.

Give your patients the care they need even when your lines are busy!

Doctor Pediatrician When your patients call you give them the best service possible, but if your lines are busy or you don't get to the phone in time what do they experience? Give them the best, no hassle experience with our Medical Office Answering Service.

During the day your patients hear "we are on the line and will return your call promptly" recording. Then the voice mail message is delivered to your email, so even if your lines are all busy you can hear the message and respond when possible.

After hours, weekends and holidays your patients can leave a non-urgent message that you will be able to respond to when you re-open. Urgent calls can be forwarded to your on call physician without the caller redialing. And with our Call Announce feature your physician will know that this is an urgent business call.

Our service integrates with your existing equipment and phone service provider to manage your calls. Giving your patients the options they want if you can't take their call personally. Your calls are forwarded to us when your phone lines are busy or you don't answer. Then your patient will hear a custom greeting appropriate for the time of day.

  • HIPAA Compliant Voice Mail
  • No need to manually forward and un-forward phones
  • Professional greetings for day, after hours and holidays
  • After hours urgent call forwarding to on call doctor without caller redialing
  • Calls to on call doctor identified using Call Announce
  • Urgent messages delivered immediately to on call doctors pager, cell phone or home phone
  • Hear actual voice message on your computer

* Activation & Inclusions

  • The system includes the main Virtual Receptionist.
  • Backend access for on call physician to return voice messages showing business caller ID.
  • Call Announce for calls going to on call physician.
  • Cascading Notification for Urgent After Hours Messages
  • Requires signing Business Associate Agreement.
  • Includes 500 minutes then $.05 per minute