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Virtual Receptionist Central Number that Rings the Real Estate Team Cell Phones

See the benefits of a central number for a three person real estate team that they advertise as their office number but it rings each of their cell phones.

We just finished a Virtual Receptionist system for a real estate team of three women that are specialists in short sales. They needed one central phone number to advertise on their brochures, website, cards and property signs. The number had to give caller the options to reach each of them and rings their cell phone or get information about their business (office location, website, fax number etc.).Real Estate Team Virtual Receptionist

This type of system is very common for a team who all have cell phones and don't want to be tied to a land line or advertise just one of their cell numbers. The benefits to the team are:

  • One central number to distribute as their "office" number
  • Virtual number so they are not tied to a land line that rings their cell phones
  • Unlimited versatility for expansion if the team grows
  • Personalized business voice mail for each of the team instead of cell phone voice mail
  • Call Announce allows them to know when the call if from this business before they are connected
  • Call activity can be tracked and reported

The benefits to the caller:

  • One number to reach anyone on the team
  • Caller can get information about the business (office location, website, fax number) anytime
  • Calls are always answered
  • Calls are never hung up on
  • The caller does not have to "hang up and redial" another number to reach someone on the team

This is a very common system we build for real estate teams. Some have physical offices that calls are routed to during regular business hours but after hours and holidays callers may have options to reach agents on their cell phones. With a Virtual Receptionist the options are endless.

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