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Call Screen and Call Announce/Call Whisper

Powerful Features for Optimum Call Routing Solutions

Be alerted that you have a business call and the option to take it or not.

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These two features give your caller music to listen to as the system may be dialing up to 6 different phones to reach a live person.

Benefits of Call Screen and Call Announce/Call Whisper

  • Prevent your business calls from going to your personal Voice Mail on your cell phone or home phone.
  • Send calls to several phones in a hunt and the hunt will not be stopped at any of the phones Voice Mail.

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Call Screen

Call Screen is your personal assistant. The system will ask the caller "Who may I ask is calling." They record their name then the listen to music as the system calls your phone. When you answer you hear "There is a call from (their recorded name). Press one to be connected press two to send the caller to Voice Mail." You know who is on the line and can take the call or send them to Voice Mail.

Call Announce/Call Whisper - Our Most Popular Feature

Your caller listens to music as the call is transferred to you. When you answer your phone you hear
"This is a call for (your business name). Press one to be connected, press two to send the caller to Voice Mail." This lets you know that this is a business call and which business the caller is calling for if you have more than one. And if you choose not to take the call or your not available the call can go to another phone (Follow Me - calls try up to six different numbers to reach a live person) or the business Voice Mail.

Pre Announce Direct Connect Option

This new option allows you to know that you have a business call then be connected after your customized Pre Announce Greeting. Add the Pre Announce Direct Connect option to the Call Screen or Call Announce feature. When you answer the call you will hear your custom greeting like "This is a call from your television advertisement." Then your caller is connected. You are alerted to anything you need before the caller is connected.

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