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Call Routing

You most likely have questions concerning what an auto attendant actually does. In short, an auto attendant allows callers calling into your business to be automatically routed or transferred to a desired location. An example of this would be transferring a potential client to different departments such as sales, customer service, or the manger on duty.

We just finished a Virtual Receptionist system for a real estate team of three women that are specialists in short sales. They needed one central phone number to advertise on their brochures, website, cards and property signs. The number had to give caller the options to reach each of them and rings their cell phone or get information about their business (office location, website, fax number etc.).

The menu for your office auto attendant phone tree these five basic operational features included to make it easy for your callers to navigate and reach the person or department they need.

Small business phone systems quite often fall short when handling calls after a business is closed. They do not give the caller options to efficiently resolve the issue they are calling for. For some offices a simple voicemail will suffice for most of the calls. The caller can hear the office hours and leave a general voice message that someone will check in the morning.

 I had a referral from an associate to a doctor who needed a "phone tree". He needed to have a caller make a selection to reach different people in his offices. The phone tree he described started with the basics:

 I spent the evening at a networking event and chatted with a plumber who is loosing business. He knows that potential customers call in the evening but they hang up and don't call him. His office voice mail gives the caller his cell phone number but seldom do people hang up and redial...

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