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Articles about business phone systems, services and updates on new features.

Call Routing

We just finished setting up a Call Rotation for a company that has 6 salespeople working on their cell phones. They have had problems making it equitable for all of the staff to get new business from their advertising.

 When you setup your business phone services you may consider the receptionist at the front desk as a key component to the system. She (or he) will screen your calls giving you the option to take the call or not. In an automated phone system a Virtual Receptionist will screen your calls and give you the option of being connected or not in much the same way.

The Problem: You have your business calls coming to your mobile phone, and when a call comes in you don't know if it's a client or friend. The Solutions: Call Screen, Call Whisper or Call Announce are powerful features that alert you to a business call before you are connected...

All businesses have a limited number of phone lines coming into their business. Small businesses have only a few so they must be as efficient as possible with what they have.

Imagine this scenario, a customer calls your office and asks for you. Your receptionist tells...

What's Your Profession?

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