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6 Basic Functions of an Auto Attendant

Functions of an an Auto Attendant differ from one office to another, here are six of the basic functions an Auto Attendant can do.Functions of an auto attendant

You may have questions concerning the benefits of having an auto attendant take over the phone answering responsibilities in your office. Additionally, you most likely have questions concerning what an auto attendant actually does. In short, an auto attendant allows callers calling into your business to be automatically routed or transferred to a desired location. An example of this would be transferring a potential client to different departments such as sales, customer service, or the manger on duty.

It is important to not only project a professional image to potential and existing customers, but it is also important to handle incoming calls efficiently. On top of all this, you will probably want your customers to have a positive experience when calling into your establishment and feel like they were well taken care of.

Many auto attendant services offer myriad functions in making sure incoming calls are handled and routed efficiently. Some of the routing capabilities of an auto attendant include:

  • Transfer to a Department
  • Transfer to Extension
  • Go to Sub Menu
  • Play an Automated Message
  • Transfer to Voicemail
  • Repeat Choices

An auto attendant also may have the option of directing the caller to speak with a live person. This way, if the options presented are not sufficient, a caller still has the ability to speak with a human receptionist.

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