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Articles about business phone systems, services and updates on new features.

Phone Systems

Give your caller options immediately when they call to reach the person or department they want or get the information about your business they need.

Phone books are becoming a thing of the past. They are being replaced by online directories and local business listing web sites. So, is it still important to have your phone company list your business phone number? And does every phone company list your phone number?

Thousands of 2 and 4-line phone systems in small offices need more than the built-in voice mail. But how does it get setup?

We have a new client whose phone service provider is Suddenlink. She needed calls to be answered if her line was busy or she did not answer after 4 rings. In order for our Virtual Receptionist to go live the client had to add change the Basic Call Forwarding to No Answer Call Forward with Suddenlink.

When a business owner calls and wants to talk about a Virtual Receptionist for his business we help him decide what is best for his business, an Auto Attendant, a Backup Attendant or just voice mail. They work in different ways and solve different problems for each business.

Phone systems have limitations that may choke a small business. During normal call situations a small business phone system should be capable of handling several calls at once. If the system can't manage more than a couple of calls then the system may be loosing customers.

What's Your Profession?

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