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Need to Create That Lasting Impression? Get an Auto Attendant today!

Give your caller options immediately when they call to reach the person or department they want or get the information about
your business they need.

Have you ever wondered about using an auto attendant in your office and how this will benefit your day-to-day operations? For anyone unfamiliar with the concept, auto attendants are basically automated phone services that allow your phone systems to function independently without the requirement of a receptionist or operator. This allows for a smooth and consistent message every time a customer or patient calls your office. These systems are even programmed to greet callers and offer almost anything that a human operator would.

A business, especially a medical practice, stands to benefit from using an auto attendant in their office due to many reasons. Aside from offering a professional way of greeting callers and routing a caller to where they need to go, auto attendants also work in a way that makes them compliant with regulatory bodies and laws that surround certain industries. This is especially useful for the medical field that needs to be in compliance with HIPAA and other regulations.

Auto attendants can also be programmed to greet callers with different messages based on the time of day they are calling. This means that the message or greeting changes when your office is closed versus when you’re open for business. Professional voicemail also helps by recording any messages from callers that might call when the office is closed. Aside from being practical and keeping you in compliance, these systems can also give your company a very professional look.

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