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Urgent call phone systemUrgent Call Phone Tree for Small Businesses

Urgent call forwarding can be difficult to setup and manage for small businesses.

There are many professions that need to have an option for callers to reach someone when they have an urgent situation. Here are a few:

The problem all of these businesses have is how to do it! If you just forward your office phone to your cell phone then you must hope that you only get urgent calls after hours, not someone trying to leave a message or find out when you'll be open or change an appointment. You need to have a system that has a menu so caller have options to leave a message for the office OR reach the on call person.

It's not an extensive phone tree but a simple phone menu

It's not an extensive phone tree but a simple phone menu of options the caller would expect and may answer the question they are calling for (Hours, address, fax, prescription refill, insurance for new car, etc.). For instance:

"Thank you for calling Sunshine Property Management. If you have a life threatening emergency hang up and dial 911. If you have an urgent situation and need to reach our on call maintenance technician press 0. To leave a message for the office press 1 or just remain on the line. For our address, fax number and office hours press 2..."

You need to consider which number to use for the urgent option. Zero may not be the best choice since a lot of people will just naturally press 0 because they don't want to listen to the options, they don't hear an option that fits their needs, or they expect to reach someone regardless of the issues urgency.

This is a Virtual Receptionist Phone System. It will help manage your business calls, urgent and not.

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