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Virtual Receptionist Phone System

A full feature phone system for the small office. Or a virtual system for the mobile entrepreneur.


Virtual Receptionist

Your virtual receptionist phone system will take calls when you office lines are busy or you don't answer. Your caller will hear a professional greeting and have the options they need.

Office Virtual Receptionist

Office Virtual Receptionist

Consistent professional voice messaging and call routing for offices with only one or just a few phone lines. Improve your customer service letting your callers have options to leave messages, get business information, or reach you or your staff.

Office Virtual Receptionist



Your business number routes calls to your cell phone, alerts you to a business call and keeps your personal cell phone number private. Give your virtual phone number out as your office number.

Entrepreneur Virtual Receptionist

Mobile Team Solution

Mobile Team Solution

One central number for your callers to dial and reach anyone on your team. Staff extensions route to cell phones. Add individual modules for Call Announce and separate voice mail.

Mobile Team

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