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Office - 208-685-2900


Property Management Virtual Receptionist

Gives caller options for leasing information or to reach maintenance.

No equipment to buy, install or maintain. No need to change phone equipment or telephone providers.

Starting at $40 per month*

Property Manager

Mobile Solution

Voice Service for the Mobile Business Person

Your business is totally virtual using your cell phone.
Get a new business number or bring your existing number. Caller can reach you on your cell phones or leave messages on your business voice mail. Perfect for the individual or the team of property managers, agents and maintenance.
Office Solution

Voice Service for the Office

Continue to use your existing land line service and add the features your office needs.
Calls forward to your virtual system when your land lines are busy or you don't answer. Callers hear a menu of options to get information, leave messages or reach staff on their cell phones.

The voice solution for the professional property manger. This automated answering service will make your office sound professional and give your callers the options they need when they call.

Call can be forwarded directly to cell phones or use our Call Announce feature to send calls to several cell phones for your team to answer.

  • No need to manually forward and un-forward phones
  • Professional greetings for day, after hours and holidays
  • Hear actual voice message from tenant on your computer

Add modules to:

  • Separate prospective tenant’s messages by location for agents
  • Maintenance messages sorted urgent vs. non urgent
  • Urgent messages delivered immediately to maintenance technicians pager, cell phone or home phone
  • Track call activity to agents and maintenance
Calls answered on the first ring! Your tenant is never put on hold!