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Medical Office Virtual Receptionist

Voice messages will be encrypted and password protected to comply with HIPAA then emailed to your office.

No equipment to buy, install or maintain. No need to change phone equipment or telephone providers.

Starting at $40 per month*

Med Receptionist

Calls are only answered when you can't. Then your caller will have options to leave you a message, hear about prescription refills, get directions to your office and other information they may be calling for.

  • No need to manually forward and un-forward phones
  • Professional greetings for day, after hours and holidays
  • After hours urgent call forwarding to on call doctor without caller redialing
  • Calls to on-call doctor identified using Call Announce/Call Whisper
  • Urgent messages delivered immediately to on call doctors pager, cell phone or home phone
  • Hear actual voice message from patient on your computer

Calls answered on the first ring!
Your patient is never put on hold or hung up on!


The medical office system includes:

  • Local number for your office line to forward to
  • Virtual receptionist with multi option menus (Menus for departments or staff)
  • Multiple greetings for time appropriate play (Day, After hours and Holidays)
  • Informational greetings play from menu selection (Hours, web address, directions, etc)
  • General voice mailbox & one physicians personal voice mailbox
  • HIPAA Compliant Voice Mail to Email encryption


  • On Call/Urgent Care call module for routing, messaging, notification and cascade delivery
  • Additional personal voice mailboxes $10 per month/$10 activation
  • Spell By Name Directories $10 per month/$20 activation (requires personal mailbox for each member of directory)

* Activation:
Activation fee starts at $55 and will be included on first invoice.

Coordinate calls between multiple offices!

Your Multi Office Virtual Phone System can coordinate calls when you move from one office to another during the week! Set your schedule and your patients won't have to leave a message or hang up and redial another number to reach you.