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Multi Location Office Call Management

Coordinate calls to reach you at your current location. If you have more than one location then you need our Multi Office Call Management System.

Multi Location

If you move from one office to another during the week then your patient calls need to follow you. Your All Call Technologies Multi Office Call Management System will make the schedule work. Automatically routing calls to the open office while your patient listens to music.

Patient does not have to hang up and redial!

Improve your office operations!

  • Each office has unique schedule to route calls if another office is open
  • Identifies call to receptionist as originating from another office
  • Voice messages go to originating office voice mail to email system
  • No need to manually forward and un-forward phones
  • Consistant voice mail greetings for all offices

What's the cost? NO EXTRA CHARGE!

This service is included with your Call Management System. Simply sign up for services for each office and the call coordination is included.

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