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Salon call management systemSalons and Spas Need a Virtual Receptionist

Salons and spas need calls to the main business number forwarded to the independent entrepreneurs who rent space and use their cell phones. A phone tree menu Virtual Receptionist will make this work.

Many salons and spas are actually a group of independent entrepreneurs renting booth space or a massage room. The group shares in the over all costs of the location, equpiment and utilities. The individuals contact phone number is their cell phone. They do all of their own appointments and operations.

The salon or spa can have a difficult time advertising and promoting itself. Because each person has their own phone number the business may not be able to list the individual phone numbers on their ads. And the individuals can't afford large scale advertising.

The salon or spa usually has a business land line and they advertise that business number. But there are problems when it comes to the business phone, it may not be answered and if it is the person the caller is trying to reach may not be in at that time.

A salon or spa business is perfectly suited for a Virtual Receptionist. The benefits are:

  • The Business can advertise a single phone number
  • Callers can reach anyone from the salon or spa without hanging up and redialing
  • Each person in the salon can have their calls forward directly to their cell phone from the main business number
  • The business phone number can be listed to get in internet directories and phone books (Yea they still exist and my mother uses it)
  • Solicitor calls can just go to voice mail if they don't make a selection

A Virtual Receptionist makes sense for a salon or spa owner to build the clientelle of the individual renters. Pulling together to advertise the entire business can help build all of the individual businesses in the group.

Here is an example of the menu a caller might hear:

"Thank you for calling ABC salon and spa. For hair style with Lori press one. For hair style with Jill press two. For manicure and pedicure with Sally press three. For massages with Ann press four. For massages with Lynn press five. For our address and directions press zero. And to leave a message for the office just remain on the line. Thank you for calling ABC salon and spa."

As soon as the caller makes a selection the system will start ringing the cell phone of the person they have selected. It's best to keep the initial greeting as short as possible. Sub menus will help when there are several hair stylists.

A more advanced system will allow callers who don't know who they are looking for be forwared to a random stylist. The system will automatically distribute calls between several "hair stylists" lets say so they all have an equal chance at gaining a new client. the system would say "If this is your first time to ABC and don't have a preferred stylist press nine." It's a bit more expensive but worth having to fairly distribute calls for new business.

To chat about your specific needs please contact us for more information. Or let us setup a demonstration for your salon.

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