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Auto Attendant Phone Services to Help Your Business Grow

Auto Attendants or Virtual Receptionists can help direct callers immediately without taking staff time to transfer the call manually. Saving staff time and money.

Do you think an auto attendant will be able to help your business? Is it really worth it? Auto attendant for the small officeWell some of the exciting features that auto attendants offer are automated call answering, music when on hold, call forwarding, interactive and intuitive voice prompts, professional custom greetings and call waiting. This service will basically allow you and your company to manage calls from all your offices at the same time.

Some other features that come integrated with most automated attendants include:

  • Dial by name
  • Phone menu
  • Voicemail
  • Info messages

This is basically a phone service that can efficiently handle and transfer all your callers to the desired extension without them having to actually speak to a human receptionist or operator. Employing an auto attendant in your office is a solid strategy in terms of growth for your company or practice. As business starts moving faster and faster, using an auto attendant can allow you to catch every call, every time.

You never want to miss a potential lead or client because your phone lines are tied up. An auto attendant system avoids this by having every caller routed to the department they need, or at the very least, giving them the ability to leave a voicemail. For businesses experiencing growth this is a very viable option that allows them to stay on top of the game and sounding professional at the same time.

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