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Virtual Upgrade for Existing Phone System is More Efficient Than Upgrading Internal Equipment

Making an upgrade to a phone system in a small office can be frustrating trying to get the features you need without spending a fortune...on new phone lines!

I chatted with a property managment business owner a few days ago about adding voice mail to email to his phone system. He was frustrated looking at the options to upgrading his internal phone equipment and how expensive a new card would be. Then he found us on the web.

He called and wanted to weigh the cost of adding a voice mail card to his existing equipment or subscribing to our service. As we spoke I mentioned the different levels of service we offer from basic voice mail (single greeting) to email, multiple greeting voice mail and then virtual receptionistwhere calls can be forwarded to his cell phone.

He asked "What's the main reason to go with a service like yours versus spending the money for the upgrade to his existing phone equiptment?"

I told him "Because it is outside your office it can take calls when your phone lines are busy, AND if a call gets transferred to your cell phone it won't take up any of your phone lines." He did not know that when he forwards his line in the office to his cell it takes up two lines to do it for the entire length of the call. He had been doing this for some time. And they only have two lines. Any new call was getting a busy signal. No telling how many calls they had missed.

When calls are forwarded to our service from the office it's done when the phone lines are all busy or they don't get answered after a few rings. The phone company does the forward, not the phone system. If the phone system did the forward then you could only have calls transferred to a cell phone for half the number of phone lines you have coming into the office because each call would take two lines. This is why we take the time to setup the call forwarding with our clients phone company in most cases. This way callers very seldom get a busy signal (there are limits to some phone company's forwarding capacity).

Before we started our discussion he thought that the equiptment upgrade would be better because after a couple of years the equpment would be paid for versus paying for our service. But after our chat he realized that to do the call forwarding for he and his partner and have a line free for his receptionist he would have to add three more phone lines to his existing configuration. Four lines just for two calls at a time to get forwarded to their cell phones.

Now the expense for the equipment was not looking nearly as good. It's just more efficient with the phone lines he already has and less expensive to use our service and have his new upgrade be outside the office not in his equipment.

He decided to use our service Property Manager Pro voice service and has been very happy with it.

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