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Have You Considered Voice Mail to Email for Your Business?

New technology enables even the small office to have the convenience of Voice Mail to Email.

With the increase in technology, the ubiquity of social media, and the countless other distractions that interact with our everyday attention span, Listen to your voice message on your computertaking a minute to slow down sometimes seems impossible. Taking a moment to relax, while albeit necessary, can sometimes mean that you’re missing out on potential business or client relationships. In this world filled with hustle and bustle, you need a system that records incoming messages to your business that works for you.

Have you ever heard of receiving voicemail via email? Technology offers some amazing advantages to business owners today, and one of them is giving business owners the option to listen to voice messages through your computer. This allows you to archive, delete, or forward messages with a quick click of the mouse. It also paints a professional portrait of your business as the caller on the other end is introduced to an automated system that directs them to the correct department or person.

Some features of voice to email include:

  • Messages sent to you via WAV, WMA, or MP3 audio attachments for easy listening.
  • Notification option for all messages or only for messages marked urgent.
  • Have the ability to retrieve your phone messages via phone or the Internet.
  • Have 24 hour access to your web portal to have the ability to always answer messages.
  • Have a professional outgoing greeting in male or female voice.

All of these features have the ability to make life and your hectic schedule easier for you. Having your messages appear electronically at your fingertips is a luxury of advancing technology and can help to keep you organized and stay on task.

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For the Office

For the Office

Consistent professional voice messaging and call routing for offices with only one or just a few phone lines. Improve your customer service without buying new equipment or changing phone service providers with Voice Mail for individuals or departments. Give your callers information or let them reach you on your cell phone with one touch.

Office Solutions

Mobile System

Entrepreneur and Mobile

One central phone number with extensions to reach you and your partners or staff cell phones. No need to have a land line, make outbound calls through the system. Give your virtual phone number out as your office number.

Mobile Solution

Voice Mail

Voice Mail

Replace your answering machine or phone company voice mail with this proactive messaging system. Inexpensive and feature rich, this system will improve your customer service by sending the message to your email. Instant notifications via SMS text or other methods to insure you can respond to a message quickly.

Voice Mail


Here are a few thoughts from some of our clients.

We now have an office with no geographical limits for our Disney travel advisors who live and work around the country, allowing us to effectively meet our client’s needs with almost instantaneous customer service.
The solutions are robust, easy, and very efficient for business. We are very pleased with everything!
All Call Technologies was everything our company needed. Professional, proficient, hassle free, cost effective and amazing customer service. They have what you need.
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