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We have added a new feature for group accounts: Copy Message!


New Feature: Copy Message to Other Users!

Now clients within a group may copy a voice message they received to another user within their group. This new feature also allows users to send each other voice messages while logged into their own voice mailbox.

The feature can be added to any group. And the best part is there is no extra charge!

Let's say one of your callers leaves a message for your admin person. Your admin calls in to hear the message and needs to copy that message to you. Now they simply press 8 after listening to the message, record a little introduction, enter your user mailbox number and press send. You will receive the message in your voice mailbox and that will trigger all of your usual notifications (Email, SMS Text, etc.).

When you listen to the message, you will hear your admin persons introduction then the voice message they copied to you. Then, you have the same ability to respond by either copying the message and recording your introduction OR just sending a new message to your admin.

Send a note to our support team and ask about Message Copy.



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