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Apartment Phone System


Being Reachable is Key to Getting and Keeping Tenants

Scenario: your manager steps out of the office to go across the property, then the phone rings with a new tenant on the line.

So, the manager may have forwarded the office line to their cell phone…or not. IF they have not forwarded the line, what does the caller hear? A voice mail greeting to leave a message?

If they have forwarded the line what will they hear if the manager does not answer their cell phone? The managers personal voice mail? OR the managers cell phone number “is not available”?

It is critical to any apartment owner to keep their units occupied and the key to that is being reachable. Large complexes have several people on staff to cover the phones, but small complexes may only have one person, and when that person is away from the office the phone may not get answered in the manner you want.

Now imagine the same scenario but instead of forwarding to a personal cell phone, your office line forwards automatically when the line is busy or not answered to an advanced messaging and call forwarding system! A system that can:

  • Take a message
  • Forward the call to the managers cell phone
  • Give the caller information they may be calling for

Now your callers hear a professionally recorded greeting, not just more ringing phone. The greeting is a menu with options for the caller to select what they want. The menu can be something like:

“Good morning, thank you for calling Aliante Apartments. To speak with our leasing agent press one. To leave a message for the office press two or just remain on the line. Thank you for calling, we look forward to speaking with you!”

So now your potential tenant presses the option to speak with your manager, and the system plays music as it rings your managers phone. Your manager sees your office number in the caller ID so they know it’s a business call and can answer it appropriately.

But let’s say that the manager can’t answer the call, the system prevents the caller from hearing the personal cell phone number or the voice mail. The caller hears your business voice mail greeting:

“I’m sorry, our manager is away from the desk showing a new tenant their new home. Please leave a message with your name and phone number and we will return your call. We look forward to speaking with you!”

This is a Virtual Receptionist from All Call Technologies. There is no equipment to buy, install or maintain. Your current equipment does not change, only a minor change with your current telephone provider to setup the call forwarding is necessary.


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