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Apartment Maintenance Phone System


There’s Nothing Sexy About Apartment Complex Maintenance, However Improving Communication Can Help!

We can all pretty much agree on that, right? Having to call someone at 11pm to unclog a toilet is not fun. But turning a tenant’s call for maintenance into a productive experience will go a long way in improving their overall satisfaction. It may even become a selling point for prospective tenants!

For small communities the office phone gets forwarded to someone’s cell phone after hours. That person will get every call that comes in, leasing or maintenance. The person who has the pleasure of getting those calls will get the call to unclog a toilet at 11pm.

Triage Calls to Prioritize Maintenance Requests

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a phone system that would “triage” calls?

  • Leasing calls go to voice mail after hours
  • For Maintenance calls, the system greeting can inform the caller what is considered urgent and further route those calls immediately. For non-urgent calls, the caller can leave a voicemail that can be attended to during regular business hours. Now only truly URGENT calls wake someone up!

Make Your Landlines and Your Cell Phones Do More

All Call Technologies works with all types of office systems. For offices with land lines, calls forward to your All Call Technologies system automatically when your office lines are all busy or unanswered. No more forwarding and un-forwarding the lines. For communities working from cell phones, we port one cell phone number to our system and treat that as your main number. Callers will then hear your apartment greetings immediately and then route themselves based on what they’re calling about.

Easy Apartment Maintenance Greetings You Can Use

Menus and options change through the day so callers hear your morning, afternoon, after hours and holiday greetings at the time they call. The outgoing greetings have menus for leasing, apartment amenity information, address/directions or maintenance.

Morning Greeting Example

Good morning, thank you for calling Alliante Apartments. For leasing, press ONE or just remain on the line. To hear about our community amenities, press TWO. For our address fax number and directions press THREE. If you are a current tenant and would like to report a maintenance issue press FOUR. To repeat this menu, press NINE. Thank you for calling Alliante Apartments

With All Call Technologies, “Maintenance” can be an extension offered on the main menu. Callers who select Maintenance will be routed directly to the Maintenance module where they can reach a Maintenance staff member during the day or have a menu of options after hours.

Maintenance Greeting Example

If you have an urgent situation and need to speak with our maintenance technician immediately press ZERO. For non-urgent maintenance requests please leave a message with your name, apartment number and brief description of repair issue. We will contact you within 48 hours during regular business hours Monday through Friday to make arrangements for the repairs.

Urgent Maintenance Greeting Example

If you have an actual emergency, hang up and dial 911. If your concern is urgent, but not an emergency, please listen carefully. A maintenance request is considered “urgent” in situations such as a backed-up toilet in a one-bathroom unit, water pooling on floor, ceilings, or from piping. Keep in mind, you may be billed for an hour of maintenance service, if your maintenance request is deemed non-urgent. If you have been locked out, hang up and call a locksmith. If after hearing this, you determine your situation is non-urgent, press ZERO, otherwise please hold as I transfer you to our on-call maintenance technician.

Maintenance Greeting, No Answer Example

I’m sorry, our maintenance technician is not available to take your call. Please leave a message after the tone and they will be notified to return your call.

For urgent maintenance requests, the system can be set up to do an active “cascade” through a series of phone numbers. It will keep trying phone numbers in a series until an actual person is reached, so urgent voicemails cannot get left on voicemail.

For non-urgent requests, the maintenance technician can return the call “through the system” displaying the “Apartment Complex Name” Maintenance as the caller ID, keeping the maintenance technician’s cellphone number private.

Raise The Customer Service Bar at Your Property with All Call Technologies

Your All Call Technologies greetings and technology will give callers information and options to help meet their needs, even if your leasing or maintenance staff are temporarily unavailable. Interacting with your property will be streamlined, informative, efficient and professional. Tenants will appreciate the hassle free, streamlined communication options too, which translates into happy tenants who are likely to refer others to your property!

Enough Talk, Give It A Try!!

For a demo of how your All Call Technologies system could work with your Maintenance team, please call this number: 208-685-2807. Your office line can have texting too! Try our Keyword Reply, text INFO to 208-685-2807.


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