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Setup SMS Text Notification with Republic Wireless

It's not as straight forward as it seems with some cell phone carriers.

I have a physician client who was going on vacation. She asked another physician to cover her urgent calls while she was gone. She sent me the info I thought I needed the physicians name, her cell phone number and the cell phone carrier. The carrier is Republic Wireless.

At that point I'd never heard of them. I found out that the Republic Wireless upstream provider is Sprint. So we programmed the system to send a SMS text notification to the physician's cell phone using the cell phone number. We tested it a few times and it was not working.

I went to the Republic Wireless website and looked at their support documentation. I could not find any info on the problem so I submitted a trouble ticket. After a few hours I received a reply, they had submitted my issue to the customer forum for a solution. I thought this was a little weird but what ever.

After a short time I received a notification that there were a couple of responses to the forum discussion. Carl H responded with:

 Screen Shot Republic Wireless 1 1

Carl was very helpful! He supplied a link to a page of the Republic Wireless Tips & Tricks which addressed the issue.

As it turns out there is a different phone number from Sprint to send SMS texts to a Republic Wireless phone. It is only a one way service, in to a Republic Wireless phone. I followed the link to a page that had the information I needed.

Screen Shot Republic Wireless 2

I sent my client the screen shot of the instructions. She found her Sprint number and sent it to me. I put it in the system and it worked!

Thank you Carl H for your help with this issue!



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