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Dial Through is the Newest Hit Feature

Dial Through is the Newest Hit Feature

Since introducing Dial Through clients have been eager to add this exciting new feature to their Virtual Receptionist.

Woman working in car with Dial ThroughLast fall All Call Technologies introduced a new feature that allows clients to return calls directly from their Virtual Receptionist voice mailbox. This new feature called Dial Through makes it easy to return calls by simply pressing the pound key after listening to a voice message. The system will automatically dial the person who called from the caller ID that was supplied. No more hanging up and redialing.

Outbound caller ID is the office or virtual phone number.

The key benefit to Dial Through is that the outbound caller ID is the business number not the cell phone or home phone number that the client is using to check messages. This unique feature allows business people to be truly mobile and not have to return to the office to return calls.

This feature prevents your client from getting your personal cell phone number while giving the impression of a professional business call.

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