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Do You Miss Calls Because Your Voice Mail is Inside Your Phone System?

When someone calls your office and they get a busy signal they can't leave a message, hear about your business or reach you.

We have a client who has been with us for many years. They sent a note a few weeks ago that they were very happy with our service but they bought a new office phone system and would be cancelling. I was happy for them to get new equipment even though they would be leaving us.

I waited for a few weeks to make sure that their new system had been installed then looked at their call activity report. After several weeks calls were still coming to our service. I sent a note to the office manager and she said they the new system was installed and we should not be getting any calls.

Their new phone system was working perfectly but their phone lines were still being overloaded at peak times. Our system had been setup with the old phone system to take calls when their office lines were busy or not answered. The new phone system still could not handle the peak times.

Busy signal at peak times

Their callers would have been getting a busy signal at peak times of the day even with the new phone system. This is because the number of lines coming into the office were still the same.

With voice mail inside the office phone system there has to be an open line for calls to reach the voice mail. At peak times of the day a caller may get a busy signal.

Outside the office voice mail

A voice mail system that is outside the office will remedy the situation. With most phone companies (not phone systems) there is a feature to transfer calls under conditions. So if a line is busy it rolls to the next but if all of the lines are busy the call forwards to your voice mail service.

The caller will always be able to leave a message.

Yes, the client is still a client but they have a beautiful new office phone system. We still take care of their voice mail.


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