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SMS Texting for Small Business

It is not only the preferred method of chat between teens, businesses have figured out out how to incorporate it into their overall solution to accommodate the “immediate gratification” needs of their customers.

Texting from iPhoneLet’s face it, texting has become another accepted form of communication! Think real estate signs where you can get the complete run down on the house you’re parked in front of by texting a code to a number and without having to actually call and speak to anyone. Texting allows some people to multi-task and exchange information while they are otherwise engaged. They can send a quick text question to someone without having to interrupt their current work project by making a much more time consuming phone call.

When people think about texting, it is usually thought of in terms of cell phone to cell phone. But there are other ways businesses can use the convenience of texting and it doesn’t have to mean people have to provide their personal cell phone numbers out to the public. What if you could publish a phone number that when texted to, would show up on your computer screen as a chat.  Your customer service personnel could respond immediately to anyone who has a question about your company’s product or service and you don’t have to be concerned about that number being connected to a cell phone that can be lost, broken, or someone’s personal property.Chat window open on office computer

All Call Technologies can provide “virtual” phone numbers that can receive texts. Our clients can utilize any number of free applications to create the “chat” environment (Pidgeon, Trillian, iChat). You can even set it up so your cell phone receives the texts, but the person sending the texts is not sending them to your cell phone number.  Wow, that’s amazing!! To set up the “chat” environment, we have used Trillion and Pigeon and both seem to work extremely well.  You can just download one of these two applications on your device (computer, tablet, or cell phone), go through the brief setup to link your virtual number to it and voila, you’re done!

We see an application for this technology for businesses that want to accommodate as many communication preferences of their prospects and clients as possible!  Some consumers will make buying decisions based on their ability to get their questions answered in the way in which they prefer to communicate. If you are interested in this idea of “virtual number texting” just give us a call...or try it for yourself. Text to 208 906 8323!

NOTE: Our SMS Texting is A2P/10DLC Compliant. Your business number will be registered upon activation with our service.

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