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How an Auto Attendant Saves Time Repeating Information

Medical offices take a lot of calls for prescription refills, see how an Auto Attendant saves time for the staff by answering the prescription refill calls.

Busy medical office receptionist"Please hang up and call your pharmacy. They will contact us on your behalf if necessary..." This single phrase was the response to 70 percent of the calls to a local medical office I setup this past week. The physician in the office told me her lines (and her staff) were to busy answering the phone and repeating that phrase to take care of patients in the office.

Answering the phone and repeating the same information to a large volume of callers wastes the staff time and drags down the office efficiency. We put an Auto Attendant/Virtual Receptionist on the main line in the office. Callers hear this greeting during the day:

"Good morning, thank your for calling ABC Medical. To schedule or change an appointment press one. For prescription refills press two..."

If the caller selects option one for appointments then the call is routed to the receptionist. If the caller selects option two for prescriptions they hear:

"For prescription refills please hang up and call your pharmacy. They will fax us the request to refill your prescription if necessary..."

This keeps a busy office running more efficiently and staff taking care of patients in the office and not repeating the same phrase over and over again.

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